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*10 reasons to order from King*

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

King Carp Fishing Products is owned by Nic Brown and based in France meaning that we can easily provide you with bait for your French trip and at a great price.

*We send direct from our French HQ to any address in France.

*King make 3 baits, King Squid, Pro Liver GLM and Pro Milk + a range of very special hookbaits, liquids and oils. *We use a courier service that delivers to a very local drop off point to your chosen water. *The freshest Scandinavian ingredients are used to give you the ULTIMATE high quality food source baits.

*Collection is super easy, you will get a text to say that your package is ready for collection, show them the text when you arrive and off you go. *Our bait is fresh, salt cured and bagged in Himalayan rock salt, this means that the bait is kept naturally fresh for around 3 weeks.

*This salt curing process gives you peice of mind that your bait is perfect on collection and does not need air drying or freezer storage for a 1 or 2 week trip. *Our bait is rolled on the soft side meaning that the high quality water soluble and liquid ingredients can perform to their optimum. But gives a nice skin that stands up very well to a trowing stick. *Already our range of baits have caught incredible carp from all over France from tricky commercial waters to wild public waters.

*Nic rolls every hookbait himself to his own standards. To organise the bait for your trip to France this year thin visit email Nic on or WhattsApp nic on 0033 787705222

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