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About the TLC

To look at the TLC doesn't look anything special, it's just another red pop up right?

Wrong, yes they are round and red, but that's where the similarity ends to probably any other hookbait bait on the market.

After years of studying, and years of observing carp and their behaviour on our own lakes you start to notice trends.

It is no secret that after spawning, especially when the water temperature really ramps up that they can very often switch to natural food larders which on healthy waters can be enormous in the summer and early autumn.

As anglers our tactics have always been to compete with this larder in order to get a bite.

Nic has spent a fair bit of time over the last few years studying these hatches and what the carp seem to show preference for at this time of year, then even longer was spent sourcing usable versions of these natural foods, not because we want to make a bait that tries to compete with the naturals, but instead harnesses all those signals and nutritional profile of the things they can be so addicted to at this time of year. If they are seeking out natural food then lets make our hookbait shout the loudest.

We think we have achieved that, last summer's tests were very promising, after a few tweaks this final version has already achieved incredible results on very tricky waters here in 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧

A small amount of these baits will be available this summer and general production will start in April next year. #kingtlc

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