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Crabmeal, liquid crab, liver, garlic and much more.

Crabmeal, liquid crab, liver, garlic and much more.

A very rich, savory seafood bait, ultra digestible, super HNV; packed full of aminos, vitamins and minerals and finished off with the original and best Monster Crab flavour.

The King crab stands alongside our King Squid as a super heavy hitter of an HNV, but it has some key differences that give it an identity oall of its own!

The smell of the Crabino is incredibly rich and savory. This is because of th blend of highgrade crab, meat and LT fishmeal in the base. You are not able to pick out a particular smell or flavour, just a deep, rich shelfish taste and smell that includes Calanus, minimino, Betaine, fish hydro and more. With the Squid there are 2 very clear smells to our nose, Squid and plumb.

For me I think they make the perfect combination to fish together, especially with the Crabino being available in 16 & 18mm. The baits have a different solubility and breakdown, so together they are out there working on every level.

Outstanding results from the very beginning, from big wild pits to tricky commercials it has smashed it everywhere we took it!

Nic's top tip: A mix of king Squid and King crab gives off an incredible signal and it is a combination that caught me an awful lot of fish last spring and beyond. #kingcrabino

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