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Getting the best from the boat.

Mark had a delivery of our King Squid and matching wafters and Pop Ups for a trip this week to Lac Du Coron in central west France, and he's glad he did!

We asked him mid week about how he was getting his bites, especially when using the bait boat which can often make getting bites harder than you might think.

Mark said....

"I have used a few of the King baits over the last year or so and have massive confidence in them. No stress bringing bait over and ready and waiting when we arrived.

I know on these intimate waters the typical pile of bait dumped from a bait boat is often a real turn off to the carp, they see piles of bait all the time and treat it with fear.

Starting with the rig. There's nothing revolutionary here, it's a strong and super effective Fluro D. I put my faith in the match the hatch Squid Wafters, so the fluro D is perfect.

After a good look around the far margin in the waders I found spots I was happy to start on.

I decided to place the rigs using the boat, but not put any bait in the boat. Instead I would bait up by hand from the far bank in a wider spread than I could get in the boat making the area feel safer as they came over it.

I was lucky that it worked from day 1, and has caught be some pretty special fish. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

As I write this we are on 26 fish for the week with 36 hours to go.

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