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Heading to France this Spring?

Are you fishing in France this spring and not sure about the right bait choice?

Often March and early April can still be pretty nippy over here with water temps still yet to warm up.

Piling in a load of heavy fishmeals and pellet can often be the kiss of death as they just aren't as ready to eat it as you are to put it in!

A lot of peoples first thought for a french trip is a big heavy hitting fishmeal like our King Squid, and for most months of the French season I would agree, they will make up 2/3 of my boilie mix, but not early in the year.

Typically fishmeals like our King Squid are packed full of protein, fats and oils. All great attractors and nutrition that they need and crave when the water temperatures are warm. But when they are cold, say 14 degrees or less these baits can sometimes cost you bites.

Long story short they struggle to digest them. The longer it takes to digest, the less they eat, the less they eat and the lower your chances are of a bite. Imagine your typical lake where 4 or 5 anglers are putting in a kg or more a rod each day. That's a lot of bait for them to get through, if it's not really digestible you will struggle!

This is where the Pro Liver GLM really comes into its own. Packed full of milk, meat and Mussel meals and stuffed full of wheatgerm and crushed garlic this bait is incredibly digestible, beautifully soft and absolutely loaded with natural soluble liquids like pure liver, liquid GLM, betaine and Minimino all pumping out attraction, even if the water is still cold. If it doesn't "sit heavy" and stodge up their digestion and they can get the essential fats, protein, vitamins and minerals they need coming out of winter they will undoubtedly come back over and over again and with it your chances of a bite keep going up!

If you are planning an early or late season trip this year then Pro Liver GLM would definitely be the major boilie in our armory.

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