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King Carp+

At this time of year, before and after spawning we think it's essential to give the carp an extra boost in their feed.

The day before the feed is introduced we give the pellet a liberal coating of King Carp+ This oil based liquid contains several essential ingredients for recovery and growth, including garlic, salt, Fenugreek, Amino acids, Chymotrypsin and Trypsin.

This ensures that the carp returns to its pre spawning health as fast as possible. Not just in weight but fighting any infection or parasites they may pick up as a result of spawning. So from a fishery management point of view we think it's essential.

Nic also uses it heavily in his fishing, especially in the spring.

"A carp isn't like me, it doesn't eat in general because it is just greedy, it eats because it needs to. Biologically it needs to grow, to repair, to replace things it has lost. The carps receptors tell them that this is more valuable to them than that... That is why the King Squid is so readily eaten over and over again, because it stimulates their receptors to say "I need this" then they eat it and enjoy it, then they get huge physical benefits from it because it is so digestable, the perfect bait.

The King Carpvit oil increases that attraction even further, whether it be on boilie, pellet or after cooking particles or coating floaters.

Available to the trade in France and Belgium.

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