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The 2024 Season at King

After a really exciting last few years it was clear that we needed to make a decision about how King would move forward.

Would we embrace the success and supply bait to more anglers visiting Europe, or would we stay nice and compact as we have been for the last few years.

It is not as simple as "sell more, earn more money." The quality needs to remain as high as it ever has been. The work load obviously increases too.

So we are doing a bit of both. The 2024 season will see us increase the amount of bait we produce each month, and the amount of people we can supply. The same will go for fisheries. We have kept it to 5 or 6 top fisheries up until now. We will see how 10 fisheries work out.

To make things as clean as possible we will be maintaining our 3 very successful bookies and not adding to the range. In our opinion the much talked about King Squid, Pro Liver GLM and Sea Monster will cover almost everyone's needs and likes. These will be available in 20mm and 15mm.

Of course there will be 15mm pop ups, 20mm wafters and 20mm claw busta hookbaits for each.

In addition we will be reducing our very popular Pro Pop up range which like all our hookbaits are rolled by Nic by hand.

These will be:

  • 14mm King Squid Pop Ups (pink)

  • 14mm Oily Salmon & shrimp Pop ups (washed out red)

  • 14mm Acid Candy Pop Ups (yellow)

  • 14mm Herbz Pop Ups (white)

  • 14mm Tangy Squid and Octopus Pop Ups (orange)

Of course there will be a few ltd specials released over the season.

If you would like to secure your bait for a European trip this coming season we work pretty simply.

Drop Nic an email at or PM him through the page. You can also Whattsapp him on +33787705222

We will get your order in the diary and contact you the month before for payment. Your bait will be rolled fresh a week before your trip and will be posted in 30kg parcels to a pick up point within 10 minutes of your destination. You simply show them the code you will be text and off you go.

The results speak for themselves, weather it be exceptional growth rates for fisheries or mind blowing results for you guys using the baits, King will give you the confidence on huge public's to tricky little commercials.

Nic #king

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