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The Cherry on the cake

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

After the 3 bites earlier in the day, with 2 landed I was confident of another bite, may seem cocky on a water like that, but sometimes you just have a feeling.

But as the afternoon went on it seemed to get muggier and hotter and I started to doubt if another bite was coming. I had put a fair bit of King Squid out with the stick after the 3rd bite so I hadn't topped it up with more bait when getting the rods back out and wondered if that was a mistake and if I had enough pull to get them to venture out of the weed and onto my spot. 

As the afternoon went by the heat was starting to get to me and I was thinking about packing up and heading home for a much needed shower!

Before tidying away though I wanted to put another 20 baits out over the rods just to freshen it up. So I sticked a few handfuls out and slowly started packing away. My right hand rod was in a cracking looking spot but hadn't done a beep so that was the 1st to come in. As I was breaking that down to go in the bag I heard the tell tale crack of my massive bobbins smashing into the blank and then the spool going into meltdown.

I called down to Ross to let him know and also to unpack my net and mat. This time I got him well clear of the snags and weed and the typically long battle could happen in open water. Just when I thought I had the battle one it tore off to my left burying itself in the near margin. I kept solid pressure and slowly started winning the battle. Eventually it broke free of the weed and shot past Ross who was out to his waste ready with the net. I heard him take a little gasp as he saw it. I don't think he knew I'd picked up on it, but still it was enough to mean I really really didn't want to loose this one.

At last though she took a gul and excitedly Ross shuffled her in the net and said ooo, it's a scaly one!

As we peered in the net we giggled like a pair of kids as we often have on this lake!

A few people may not think much of this fish. It's not one of the monsters that some may associate with French fishing. But for me this goes right in my top catches. A totally wild heavy plated mirror. Possibly never caught before, definitely no name. For me this is a truly special capture.

For the record, a TLC Pop up on my stiff boomed version of the hinge absolutely nailing it.

Until next time and thanks for reading. Nic.

And if that wasn't enough Ross chipped in with another cracking common as we were almost packed up. A good day all round!

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