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The Fishery HD Deluxe Cot is the King of unhooking

The Fishery HD Deluxe Cot is the King of unhooking mats in our opinion. We believe this is the safest most versatile style of mat.

One of the biggest and most padded mats on the market at 1.5m long, 80cm wide, 25cm high rigid, padded walls and with an 8cm thick padded mattress.

*150cm long x 80cm wide and 25cm HD padded walls. Meaning our cot will take the very biggest of carp and ensures they stay securely in position even on uneven banks.

*Rigid but fish friendly walls mean no metal frames.

*The thickest mattress on the market at 8cm, offering unrivaled fish safety and also allows the whole cot to float with the heaviest of fish safe inside.

*HD drainage mesh underneath mattress

*HD carry handles

*Supplied in winter storage bags, and packs away to a brilliantly compact package.

*Spare mattress inserts available.

The Fishery HD Deluxe Cot is available to fisheries and anglers across Europe.

Email Nic on or Whattsapp Nic on+33787705222

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