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Why does a high nutritional value matter to an angler?

Over the last few weeks a couple of fishery owners have said to me "I don't think my customers really care about what they feed my carp, they just want to catch."

That in itself is pretty dam sad, but to think that a basic, cheap ball of flavor will do just as well as a high nutritional value bait simply isn't true, Carp are evolved to be incredibly effective at detecting food signals (chemical messages) that diffuse through the water, the higher the quality the bait, the more effective these signals are and the more likely they are to be investigated, and then tasted.

Carp are simple. They are attracted by the elements in the bait that are the most valuable to them, these trigger their scensory receptors and that's what creates a feeding response as they search out the bait. It also why big beds of bait can score so well. Think of it this way, 1 bloodwom buried in 1" of silt will give off a tiny signal, just like 10 boilies will give off a fairly low signal. The more you put in the stronger the signal is for them to ignore. It's not always the winning formula, but it definitely has its time and place. When they eat it that's when you have to make sure it's palatable and tasty so that they want to keep eating it and that it is digestible enough that their gut can break up the bait and that the key ingredients can be injested.

I've seen an awful lot or very average bait over the years, some used by anglers at the lakes and I've also tested it in the lake and stock ponds. The results are always the same. A lot of the bait isn't eaten and rots, and what is eaten clogs them up and slows their digestion down. They eat less and become lethargic, that is no use to fishery owners or anglers. They eat less they get caught less and they grow slower.

The more complete a food source is the more attractive it is to a carp. But also the more "acceptable" it is as a long term food source, not just a snack every now and then.

This does 2 things. From an anglers point of view. You are feeding a bait that you know is as complete a food source as possible meaning you could be on a manic runs water or a 2000 acre public there will not be a carp that doesn't want to eat it if you get it infront of them, quite simply that equals consistant bites wherever you go.

The 2nd part is that you are making sure you are giving them a bait that does several things... Ensures consistent healthy growth because it has incredibly high levels of all of the necessary ingredients and many more. High levels of usable protein, complete spectrum Amino acids, salts, digestive yeasts, wheatgerm, fats, oils, vitamin and mineral compound, Himilayan rock salt and organic garlic.

These baits will grow carp and keep them healthier and guess what, a healthy carp grows bigger more quickly.

With no synthetic flavour and packed full of attraction I don't think you will find a better range of boilie to have going into your lake long-term or a more attractive range of baits to be fishing with as an angler.

Confidence for the angler, confidence for the fishery owner, now there's a rarity!

Nic Brown, King Carp Fishing Products

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