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A change of plans! 🇫🇷

After a delayed start to the morning after finding Nic's chosen🇫🇷 public lake was closed for Toxic algae it was decided a trip back to the lake in the forest was a good bet.

After hearing a few fish the rods were quickly smashed out to the area with 2 of the 3 going down with good drops.

2 on stiffys, TLC on one, SOBP on the other and a good helping of King Squid scattered over the top.

As the morning drifted by it was looking a bit quiet. The odd show here and there but not much to go on.

At this point the sun was up and I left the rods with Ross to go and get my Polaroids that I'd forgotten in the van.

I can't of been 20m away when Ross said hold on, few beeps on the middle rod.

I wandered back to have a look and just as I got to the rod all hell broke loose and something pretty angry steamed off.

I wasn't going to leave a fish attached to 120 yards of braid and I never pull for a break.

Long story short, 20 minutes later I was out over the spot, attached to a snag, a weed bed and a carp, treading water with a net over my head and a rod in my hand!

After what felt like an age the line eventually whipped up and I had at least pinged it off the snag and was now connected to a fish and a weed bed. So off I went another 20m until I was above it and eventually got it to the surface, where somehow, treading water I bundled everything into the net.

Eventually,back on the bank I had a quick fag, a drink and a sit do n before hoisting my prize up for the 📷

Little did I know what the rest of the day had in store! #kingsquid #kingtlc #frenchpubliclake

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