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Sea Monster

When I first started doing the King Squid I didn't expect to do another Fishmeal. It is as good as it gets. Anything else would just be a sales gimmick?

After a year or two though new customers started enquiring about the baits, and many of those were desperate for a spicy red Fishmeal in the range, so I started to play around with ingredients and ideas that would give the bait the best possible LONG TERM attraction, and would provide all of the fats, carbs, proteins, digestive aids, vitamin and minerals and parasitic ingredients that are so important to us.

At first, after a fair few tests I came up up with the TLC, which I did as hookbaits for 2 years. Most of you that have followed us for the last 2 seasons will know how that went. On commercials they rocked from the very off, but on french public waters they were something else, and caught Nic and Ross some incredibly special carp.

The next development was to convert the TLC into a mass boilie. We already had the flavour and liquid package, we just needed the perfect base for it to sit on.

We stole some of the winners from the King Squid, crushed halibut pellet, fenugreek, bloodmeal and wheatgerm. We added a big old hit of robin red, paprika and fermented chilli and we put that all on a Krill, powdered Calanus and Tuna basemix.

No synthetic flavours whatsoever, packed full of liquid Calanus, krill hydro and Kelp and finished off with low levels of Jaffa and black pepper essential oil.

It is a ridiculously attractive and nutrition packed boilie.

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