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More cracking 🇫🇷 commons.

After a frantic start to the day that involved making a right commotion all over the spot I wasn't expecting much activity for a while.

But after rebaiting the rods and giving the area another good helping of King Squid with the stick it wasn't long before the left hand rod was away!

Again, I instantly felt the snag that had caused me all the problems earlier that morning, even though I had dropped the rods shorter. This time though very quickly everything went slack and I reeled in everything but the hooklink which had parted half way down the boom.

After a change to the boom material and a little lead about looking for the snag so I could fish short and to the left of it I ended up dropping the rods back another rod length and moving them to a slightly deeper drop a few metres to the left.

Again 50 or 60 King Squid were put over the area and Ross and I got in under the brolly to get out of the sun. The day had become super muggy, but the bites were coming so I stuck with it.

An hour or so passed before the middle rod again ramped off. This time the fish found the weed behind the spot but was far enough away to not go around what I guess was a submerged tree stump, and after steady pressure another common made its way to the net with the bright King SOBP pop up hanging from his chops.

It had turned into an awesome day, but there was still better to come! #kingsquid #kingsobp

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