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Those that have followed Nic over the last 7 or 8 years will know that he has always put great faith in his "crusty balls!"

Since starting King Nic has been able to bring this "edge" into the manufacturing process so that the baits and hookbaits arrive with you in perfect condition as well as giving you baits that attract carp on lots of different levels. We use the finest Himalayan Rock Salt which is applied to the baits straight after cooking. RIGHT after we roll them.

This has 3 massive benefits. Firstly the still porous baits are able to absorb much of the mineral content from the salt giving already super attractive baits even more 'pull.' Secondly this curing process toughens up the skin without us needing to add a load of hardners or cooking the baits for extended periods of time, in fact King have drastically reduced the cooking time compared to other baits, the ingrediants are then kept in perfect condition and the nutritional value of the bait is kept incredibly high. So if you are using a throwing stick at range they are perfect. After 30 or so minutes that salt content leaches from the skin and the baits start to soften. Finally it means that our 100% fresh baits have an extended life. For all of you fishing abroad without freezer facilities our baits will stay in perfect condition for a minimum of 2 weeks. It also means that we have peice of mind when sending your bait across France. It means that we can make sure it arrives a few days early, you always get it in plenty of time and it is always in perfect condition. To order your bait for next seasons trips or to just have a chat about our range then drop us an email at or call or WattsApp Nic on 0033 787705222 #kingsquid #kingproliverglm #kingmilk

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