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King The Pellet Hookbaits

King The Pellet Hookbaits

9,00 €Price

The King Pro Pellet hookbaits are a serious edge, especially for those visiting French holiday waters where the carp accept pellet as a safe natural food.


Nic has been working a long time on a boilie hookbait that replicates the feed pellet that they are so used to seeing. Not just in appearance but in attraction.


The Pellet hookbaits are absolutely loaded with powdered and crushed pellet; including halibut, squid and Coppens pellet. In addition to this we have added Himalayan rock salt, Amino blend, betaine, Spirulina, salmon oil and Feedstim all on our legendary Pro Liver meat meal base mix.


This has created a boilie hookbait that mimics the pellet they are fed on but being hard enough and stable enough to last for up to 48 hours.


When everyone is fishing boilie over house pellet, why not give yourself an edge and trip up the wariest of carp.