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NEW PRODUCT - King Oily Red Fish

With the warmer weather fast approaching we are starting to get plenty of orders for the classic King Oily Red Fish Pop ups. But with this classic combo with its modern twist catching so many big carp we have also decided to add Oily Red Fish 18mm wafters to the range, these are now rolled, had the treatment, been dried and are now potted up.

A classic combination of salmon and Tuna Hydro, GLM, crushed halibut pellet, betaine, salmon oil, Sardine Oil, Shellfish sense appeal, Haiths Robin Red, Chilli essence, Cayenne, black pepper essential oil and lemon citrus oil plus our blend of feed inducers make this a hookbait you should never be without.

Punchy enough to fish as a single, subtle enough to fish over a food bait when targeting those big girls.

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