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It's a seriously special bait!

The King Squid is absolutely packed full of goodness!

A base mix loaded with LT fishmeals, premium grade Squid and mussel meal and crushed pellet. With added wheat germ, wheat bran and a subtle spice blend for incredible digestibility.

There is also organic garlic and Himalayan rock salt in the base.

Added to this there are very high levels of liquid bloodworm extract, not only an incredible natural attractor, but also very high in Aminos. There is also water soluble amino blend compound, our vitamin and mineral complex, Norwegian salmon oil and fermented squid extract.

This is all rounded off with low levels of our super sweet plum flavour.

A bait designed to work on every level. From brilliant attraction levels, to unrivalled growth and health benefits. With its very dark colour and natural attractor profile it doesn't blow and is very quickly accepted as a food source.

The results speak for themselves. #kingsquid

All of our premium boilie range are fresh. Salt cured using crushed Himilayan rock salt. This is has numerous vitamin and mineral benefits, but it also naturally preserves the bait for up to 4 weeks. This is fresh bait. #KingSquid

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