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Tutti Esta pop Ups (14mm)

Tutti Esta pop Ups (14mm)

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The Brass Monkey's are a dedicated cold water pop up and come in a mixed pot of 14mm orange and white.

Now of course these pop ups will work all year, but when the water temperature drops below 12 degrees these pop ups really come into their own.

The Brass Monkey's are a classic Tutti Fruti on steroids! A stunning low level ethyl alcohol Tutti Fruti combined with a powdered highly soluble powdered fruit flavour gives the baits a real fruit blend smell, the combination of the 2 flavours means they work from the off, but don't leak off in a few hours and wash out, the Brass Monkey's keep working for well over 24hrs.

In addition to these flavours the Brass Monkey's contain the awesome Establend 12, a winter specific amino compound, 3 different essential oils including black pepper, vit B, yeast, liver and more!

Nic's tip "For me the mixed pot of Orange and white covers two key scenarios. Orange is my favourite winter colour, especially when chucking singles at showers, with their reduced eye sight in cold water orange just seems to grab their attention more than anything else. White is my go to colour for fishing over a bit of boilie. It's a far more natural colour and mimics a lot of baits when they are washed out.

We tested these in some barbaric winter conditions over the last few years and time and time again this bait produced."