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King Squid Oil

King Squid Oil

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This one has been a long time coming, but trust us, it's worth it!

We finished testing this product last autumn where the results on the 'lake in the forest' blew us away and the results on the big V have also been pretty special.

Since then we have spoken with the supplier god knows how many times in an effort to secure a supply. Eventually it is all sorted and Sharon is busy labelling them up.

This is a pure, organic squid oil, it is seriously pungent and doesn't need to be used in large quantities.

Nic uses about 20mm squid oil and cuts it with about 60mm of salmon or sardine oil when glazing a 5kg bag of King Squid.

For hookbaits he makes sure they are well glazed and regularly agitated and that is enough.

Also makes the SOBP pop ups even more special! 😉

Will be added to the website this evening.

10€ per bottle. #kingsquidoil