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King Fishery HD Retainer

King Fishery HD Retainer

50,00 €Price

King Fishery HD Fishery Retainer

A strong, sturdy retainer that does exactly as it says on the tin and designed for the stresses of fishery use.

*150cm x 70cm deep to fit the king of the pond without needing to be lifted miles off the ground for weighing.

*Made from ultra HD mesh and 600D fish friendly material.

*Solid single piece HD carbon arms eliminating the weak fold point.

*Triple stitched reinforced bar caps.

*Ultra fast draining, making lifting from water easier and safer for the fish and giving more accurate weights.

*2 continuous straps around the hole retainer, taking strain off the material and helping to reduce tears.

*Each retainer supplied with chord and bank stick thread for secure retention.

*2 Reflective strips for easy location