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King Pro Liver GLM 14 & 18mm wafters

King Pro Liver GLM 14 & 18mm wafters

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Our Pro Liver GLM is designed as a true 12 month a year bait. High levels of meat meals, wheat Bran, wheat germ, milk protein, garlic, Kelp, liver, vitamins and minerals ensure unrivaled digestability.


Our Pro Liver GLM wafters come in 14 & 18mm mixed pots in a washed out color to mimick how the Pro Liver GLM looks after a few hours on the bottom.


When we started testing the bait on a freezing cold February weekend last year the results were instant. They have kept coming every week since.


A blend of low temp fishmeals, Squid and Mussel meals, powdered garlic, Amino blend, liquid fermented Squid produced in a subtle washed out color to trip up the waryest of carp.


All of our pop ups are far more than just flavoured pop up mix. Our pop ups all include 4 or more powdered attractors, because of this we also include cork granuals in the mix to ensure perfect and consistant bouyancy.